How to Deposit

Five Stars Markets is dedicated to the security in deposit and withdrawal procedures.
We aim to provide easy, fast, safe and reliable methods for our customers.
Currently, we accept three types of deposits: [Bitwallet], [credit card], and [bank transfer].
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About bitwallet
“Bitwallet” is an e-wallet solution provided by Bitwallet Service Group. There are many merits using “Bitwallet”. It provides a convenient channel for traders to transfer funds to or from the trading accounts very easily. Basicallly handling fee of withdrawal per transaction costs around 1,000 JPY, but withdraw funds via Bitwallet is totally free of charge! Check out more details and how to deposit & withdraw without cost here.
About Bank Transfer
Minimum Deposit Amount
10,000 JPY
Maximum Deposit Amount
3,000,000 JPY per day
The time it takes to reflect the funds at trading account
Deposit before 15:00(Japan Time): Few hours
Deposit after 15:00(Japan Time): Next trading day
* For weekends, public holidays or company’s holidays, funds will be credited in the next trading day.
Business Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Japan Time) / Monday to Friday except public holidays
Please email us based on below format after you have remitted funds by bank transfer for our processing.
Email Title
Bank transfer is done
Email Content
1. Beneficiary Bank Name (Aeon Bank / Mitsui Sumitomo Bank / Japan Post Bank)
2. Your Name (If the beneficiary name is different with that of the trading account, please provide both information.)
3. Email Address (The email you have registered for trading account.)
4. Deposited Amount (min 10,000 JPY)
Cashback of bank charge
Please send us a photo or screenshot image of the bank transfer confirmation or receipt with the listed bank charge. We will refund the bank charge to your trading account as “trading bonus” (Maximum 500 JPY).
Credit Card Deposit
Minimum Deposit Amount
10,000 JPY
Maximum Deposit Amount
100,000 JPY per transaction
6 Times per month (To avoid over-investment, abuse of credit card, AML etc.)
How long it takes to reflect the funds at trading account
Types of credit card
The credit card holder’s name must match the name of the trading account. Using family member’s or other people’s credit card is not allowed, otherwise, your account will be frozen and cannot be able to withdraw funds. Thank you for your cooperation.

Deposit Failure (Credit Card) – Reasons & How to do

Reason 1
Under “Credit Card Deposit Page”, if you inputted your name in the form of “Katakana” or “Kanji” may result in deposit error.
Please input your name in the form of “Romaji”, e.g. TAROU YAMADA
Reason 2
Maximum credit card deposit limit — 6 times per credit card per month has been reached.
If you have deposited by the same credit card for 6 times within a month, please consider using other methods for depositing funds, for example by bank transfer or by Bitwallet.
Reason 3
Depending on the requirements of each credit card company, there may be some restrictions on the use of overseas credit card transactions. If the limit has been exceeded, or multiple credit card transactions were executed in a short period of time, it may result in error on deposit.
Please contact the support desk of the card company printed on the back of your credit card and request to increase the usage limit for overseas transactions, then try to deposit again. Also, you may also try to deposit by using another credit card.

Must Read before deposit

We strictly prohibit money laundering, credit card fraud, and the use for cashing purposes.Terms of Use>
For example,
– If the times of trading after deposit is obvious less, or even no trading at all. Or – The trading frequency is obviously out of proportion of the deposit & withdrawal amounts, etc.
These will be regarded as money laundering or the use for cashing purposes according to our policies. In this case, we will charge 30% of the withdrawal amount as a penalty, and the deposited funds will be refunded to your credit card. Also, your trading account will be suspended as well.
If we found any credit card fraud activities, we will immediately suspend the relevant account and submit evidence documents to the withdrawal financial institution and/or other related parties. We take strict measures against illegal or improper activities. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.