How to trade Highlow

Highlow trading is easy to understand even for beginners and can be expected to generate high profits. Highlow trading is a product that predicts whether the price of the asset you choose will rise ▲ or fall ▼ at maturity (expired time). If you predict correctly, you will be able to make a profit according to the investment amount and the payout ratio. If you do not predict correctly, the investment amount will be lost. As the mechanism is simple and easy-to-learn, it is highly recommended for beginners.


Welcome to our NEW trading platform

Since 10th Apr 2021, we have launched a brand new platform which is more user-friendly, innovative and convenient for trading. Enjoy this dynamic highlow trading on the industry’s most advanced platform. Part of the new updates are as below:


  • Dynamic chart movements (zoom in or out, auto updates etc.)
  • Support different types of chart: line, candlestick, area, and bar charts.
  • Support more indicators: SMA, RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD, AROON, DPO, EMA, TEMA etc. There are up to 25 technical tools in total! You may also change the parameters as well.
  • Timeframes: From 1 min to weekly (total 10 different timeframes)
  • Position grouping function – when you have multiple positions, our system will help you to group the positions of the same maturity together with net P&L of each group. Monitoring all your positions become very easy!
  • And there are many other cool features in our new platform, please find them out and enjoy trading!

The Merit of Highlow trading

Limited risk

Since the payout ratio is clearly stated in advance and the risk (loss) is limited based on the investment amount and payout ratio, it is easy to manage risk. And since there is no “unrealized loss” like FX and stocks, it is less stressful comparatively.


What is needed is a sense of direction, that is, the choice between “price up” or “price down” at the time of maturity (expiration time). Opened positions will be automatically closed at maturity, so there is no need to consider the timing of profit taking or stop loss.

Attractiveness of profit

If the prediction is correct, you can receive the full payout return no matter how small the gap of price up/down is. This is far different from stocks and forex trading in terms of profitability.

24 Hours trading

Basically, you can trade 24 hours a day, so you can trade in any timezone or at any market. It constantly brings new investment opportunities to traders.

Highlow Trading Steps

How to trade Highlow